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The courses below have been designed to help you build and strengthen your public speaking skills. Through the guidance provided in these courses, you will be public speaking like a pro in no time!

When speaking before a group do you feel shy or nervous? Do you freeze? Would you like to be more articulate?

Don't worry, we've got your back! In these courses you will learn the most effective lessons and techniques to becoming a speaker and communicator with maximum impact and confidence while having FUN!

Public speaking can make us very nervous. It can make us feel like our hearts are pounding and butterflies are doing summersaults in our stomachs.

But let me start by saying this: Public speaking is our friend! It is our friend because:

- It allows us to share our thoughts, ideas, opinions, and perspectives.

- It is a way for us to share what we do, make, produce, or have learned. 

- It can potentially (without bragging, of course!) show others what we are experts in!

- It gives us an opportunity to help other people with what we know.

Are you still with me? Do you agree that, after all, this dreaded, annoying thing called "public speaking," which you may want to run miles away from, is actually quite beneficial for you and your audience?

High five! We are on the same page here! 

I invite you to join me on this journey as we explore, experiment, and experience how public speaking can be good... I mean EXCELLENT for you! And how you can learn to speak like a pro, champ, or boss (whatever you prefer I am cool with :))!

Would you like to learn more about what you will learn in these courses and how this format works?

Keep reading....there is more information for you.

And if any questions are not answered, please email me at jyotisinghvi@gmail.com.

How these courses can transform your life!

With the techniques, tips, and practices learned from ACE All Public Speaking, you can make these dreams a reality:

  • Imagine finally getting the credit, the recognition and the rewards you really deserve!

  • Imagine being able to convince people about your ideas!

  • Imagine getting that new promotion & how proud you would feel!

  • Imagine becoming an expert & being known for it!

  • Imagine getting greater financial benefits, a bonus, a raise!

Lessons Learned at MIT & Harvard

Meet Jyoti Singhvi - Incorporating 30 years of Public Speaking Experience in this Course

Jyoti used to be the shyest kid in her class! But everything changed in 4th grade, and now she has been doing public speaking for 30+ years. Jyoti has interviewed CEOs, executives, and public figures. She has given talks at institutions like MIT and Harvard and has MCed and given keynote speeches and presentations. Jyoti owns a luxury eCommerce business and has worked at Cartier, IBM, KPMG. She has an MBA from MIT and an MPA from Harvard. Jyoti is a classically trained dancer and used to have her own dance school. She loves to perform. She also loves to paint and write poetry.

Hear what our students are saying!

"I have been promoted,  Yay! And a lot of it is because I have become a much better speaker &  presenter.  I am now able to communicate my achievements clearly and without being shy and that has led me to the recognition and rewards I have been working towards.  I learned these communication techniques and tools in the ACE Public Speaking course. I have also become a better communicator with my team, which has really helped me become a better manager. I have gained confidence & have become a much better and emphatic speaker! " - Ana

"Jyoti's course has made a huge difference in transitioning between jobs. My communication is much clearer, concise and effective. She has coached me to become a more confident speaker!  In the training she customized the feedback to also help me with interviews" -Daniel

"I have always been shy of speaking up, or sharing my opinion or influencing the decision-makers at work.  This course gave me the strategies and the much-needed practice to get me out of my shell to become a better speaker.  I also learned to share what I accomplished without feeling bashful.  I have always wanted to make a bigger impact and now I feel I am armed with the right tool kit to use my voice!" Dr. Nisha

“The course opened my eyes to many critical and strategic aspects of public speaking that I hadn't used before, and I have been presenting for many years! I am using the strategies already in my client and board meetings to make my communication more clear and effective.” - Ira

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