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Is speaking in front of groups not really your thing?
But you need to - for your career/job/business?

Would you like to become a better presenter, communicator, public speaker? Perhaps more articulate, more effective, more confident, more influential, and of course LESS nervous?

Don't worry, we've got you covered!
Your development and growth is our goal!

In this transformational Mastermind course you will learn and implement the most effective lessons and techniques, preparation & practice skills, strategies to help you become a speaker and communicator with maximum impact and confidence...
while having FUN!

Here is the good news: You are not alone!  

It's true that public speaking (or speaking in front of large and small groups) makes many of us very uncomfortable, conscious, nervous. Infact 75% of the population has a fear of public speaking!

The fear of speaking in front of others, makes our heart pound, palms sweaty, body shaky, and brings those butterflies into our stomach to do a dance choreography! 

But let me start by saying this: presentation, public speaking, and communication are our friends, because they allow us to:

- inspire and influence with our thoughts, ideas, and perspectives in an effective way.

- have more collaborative and productive teams and outcomes.

- share our expertise and be known as an expert

- help others with our experience & know-how.

- Better results lead to greater rewards, growth and recognition... leading to a greater sense of satisfaction and achievement. 

Are you still with me? Do you agree that, after all, this dreaded, annoying thing called "public speaking," which you may want to run miles away from, is actually quite beneficial for you, your team, and your audience?

High five! We are on the same page here! 

I invite you to join me on this journey as we explore and experience how public speaking can be good... I mean EXCELLENT for you! And how you can learn to speak like a pro, champ, or boss (whatever you prefer we are cool with it :))!

Please Keep reading....we can't wait to share how this mastermind course can be transformative! is more information for you.

How this course can transform your life!

With the techniques, tips, and best practices learned from ACE All Public Speaking, you can make a huge impact at work and in life.

  • Imagine being able to share great ideas that lead to great innovations!

  • Imagine being able to share your expertise and helping others and getting the recognition for your expertise!

  • Imagine your team delivering great results in less time and with lower costs

  • Imagine preventing rework due to miscommunication or lack of communication

  • Imagine your clients, bosses, executives, board really happy with the results!

  • Imagine the satisfaction and sense of achievement from getting the recognition for your hard work!

  • Imagine getting greater revenues and financial benefits!

Get Actionable Advice and Techniques To Become An Amazing Speaker!


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Meet Jyoti Singhvi

Learn from a Harvard & MIT Graduate

Jyoti used to be the shyest kid in her class! But everything changed in 4th grade, and now she has been doing public speaking for 30+ years. Jyoti has interviewed CEOs, executives, and public figures. She has given talks at institutions like MIT and Harvard and has MCed and given keynote speeches and presentations. Jyoti owns a luxury eCommerce business and has worked at Cartier, IBM, KPMG. She has an MBA from MIT and an MPA from Harvard. Jyoti is a classically trained dancer and used to have her own dance school. She loves to perform. She also loves to paint and write poetry.

Hear what our students are saying!

"I have been promoted,  Yay! And a lot of it is because I have become a much better speaker &  presenter.  I am now able to communicate my achievements clearly and without being shy and that has led me to the recognition and rewards I have been working towards.  I learned these communication techniques and tools in the ACE Public Speaking course. I have also become a better communicator with my team, which has really helped me become a better manager. I have gained confidence & have become a much better and emphatic speaker! " - Ana

"This course has made a huge difference in transitioning between jobs. My communication is much clearer, concise and effective. She has coached me to become a more confident speaker!  In the training she customized the feedback to also help me with interviews" -Daniel

"I have always been shy of speaking up, or sharing my opinion or influencing the decision-makers at work.  This course gave me the strategies and the much-needed practice to get me out of my shell to become a better speaker.  I also learned to share what I accomplished without feeling bashful.  I have always wanted to make a bigger impact and now I feel I am armed with the right tool kit to use my voice!" 

Dr. Nisha

“The course opened my eyes to many critical and strategic aspects of public speaking that I hadn't used before, and I have been presenting for many years! I am using the strategies already in my client and board meetings to make my communication more clear and effective.” - Ira

Format of The Mastermind Course

Mastermind Format and Components

10 sessions:
Meet with instructor & team on Zoom video, 1 hour per week
+ Practice with in front of a group
+ Training Video Modules
+ Worksheets
+ Exercises

  • Customized Coaching: Super SPECIAL!! Unlike other online courses, in this mastermind you work with an instructor and practice and get customized coaching. You are not just watching videos, but you get practice, support, coaching. This is the most incredible part of this course!

  • KPIs & Tracking: We believe in KPIs so your progress is tracked. There is also instant feedback loop from the instructor and the audience.

  • Practice in front of an Audience Weekly: Can you learn a skill without practicing it? Can you learn swimming just by watching videos? No! In this mastermind, you get real speaking experience in front of an audience. You get to manage the audience and overcome nervousness in real-time!

  • Training Video Modules - With tool kit, strategies, best practices, frameworks. You can watch the videos as many times as you like!

  • Worksheets - This is like Jyoti prompting you through the techniques, mindset shifts, speech writing, and delivery of your speech.

  • BONUS: 2 Facebook Lives with Jyoti Singhvi - Jyoti will answer your questions and share other insights.

  • Accountability: In this mastermind we have built in accountability. Many of us have taken courses but not finished them because we don't have the time to do it on our own. Or we didn't take it seriously. In this mastermind, we have a coach and your group members who will hold you accountable.

Benefits Of This Course Format

The best of customized coaching & online training

This online course format with customized video training and practice helps improve public speaking skills from anywhere at a time convenient for you!

  • Take the course from anywhere: home, work, or even while traveling!

  • Unlike traditional online courses, in this course you get to practice in front of an audience & get instant pointers and feedback, just like a classroom setting.

  • Watch lesson videos as many time as you like, as opposed to a classroom where once the teacher is gone, the lesson is gone!

  • Unlike other online courses, receive customized training with the instructor.

  • Save commute time & money to the traditional local class (Usually 30mins-60mins roundtrip door to door).

  • This mastermind provides real support, practice and speaking experience

  • There is built in accountability so you can make sure you are progressing.

  • KPIs and tracking progress to keep you motivated

What You Will Learn in This Course

Course Modules

What you will learn about public speaking: skills, techniques, frameworks, examples, and best practices.

  • How you will benefit from public speaking NOW & in the future

  • How structure will help you reduce stress and engage your audience

  • How you can use your voice for maximum impact

  • The critical tools for presenting with maximum impact!

  • 4 E's for an Exemplary Speech

  • Overcome Nervousness with a Proven System used by Pros

  • Understanding & managing your audience

  • 4 P's: Prepare, Practice, Presentation Slides, Props

  • BONUS: The art & science of story-telling

  • BONUS: Fundamentals to influencing

Imagine being seen as a leader among your peers or coworkers...

This, and so much more, is possible when you master the art of public speaking! Get promoted, make more money, ace that presentation, and so much more can be achieved by speaking like a pro!

Schedule For The Course - Starting the Week of January 20th 2020

The days and times the course will meet.

Each group will meet online via video website. You will meet on the same day each week, with your group and your instructor.

When you enroll, we will send you the details of the video platform. They are really easy to follow!

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Jyoti's Transformation Story: From Quiet to Keynote Speaker

Jyoti was the shyest child in her class...but everything changed when she was in 4th grade...

Here is Jyoti's story about transforming from a quiet girl to a confident keynote speaker...

I never used to be a public speaker. In fact, I was the shyest child in my class growing up. I never raised my hand in class, and the only time I ever spoke was when my teacher asked me to answer a question -- a parent's worst nightmare.

However, something changed drastically in the fourth grade. I moved to a new city and school. I was in a completely new environment with new classmates, new teachers, and no friends. Already being the quietest kid in class at my previous school, I got even quieter and went more and more into my shell. 

This all changed one day when the principal of my new school came to my class and asked a few students to stand up and read dialogs as an audition for the school play. The principal selected a few students at random. I was one of the students she asked to come up and audition. I was in shock!  I froze ...I thought to myself - I don’t speak, I am shy! She called my name again, and I hesitantly got up from my seat and was given the dialogs. As you can imagine, I was very nervous. I was trembling inside but trying my best to not show that fear on the outside. I had never spoken in front of an entire classroom full of kids, a teacher, and the principal. 

I opened my mouth and, as I was about to read the dialogue in a monotonous tone, I remember telling myself that the least I could do now is not embarrass myself and at least speak loudly! And that is exactly what I did. I spoke loudly and clearly. I did not know what public speaking was. I did not know anything about expression, or intonation, or pitching, or voice control, or gestures. All I did was speak loudly and clearly. Surprisingly, I ended up getting the third most important role in the play that year. 

And that, my friends, was the beginning of me speaking in front of people! In fifth grade, I got picked for the lead role in the school play and, over the following years in middle school, high school, college, and as a professional, I have done many speeches, talks, debates, etc.

The reason why I am sharing my story with you is that if a very shy, quiet, hesitant, not-so-confident child like me could transform into a confident public speaker, YOU can too! And so can anybody who wants to do it. Public speaking is a skill that can easily be developed. You don’t need to be born with it; in fact, many good public speakers are not born with it. They develop it!

I sincerely thank my principal for forcing me to speak in front of my class against my own will. Had it not been for her encouraging me to go outside my comfort zone, who knows if I would still be that shy, not-so-confident person today.

Sometimes we all need that push to get out of our comfort zone. It is only when we are challenged that we learn new things. I invite you, and lovingly challenge you, to join me on this journey to become the best public speaker you can be!

Mastermind Course Pricing: $5500

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