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About Jyoti & Her Transformation Story

Jyoti was the shyest child in her class...but everything changed when she was in 4th grade...

About Jyoti

Jyoti used to be the shyest kid in her class! But everything changed in 4th grade, and now she has been confidently public speaking for 30+ years. 

Jyoti has interviewed numerous CEOs, executives, and public figures. She has given talks at institutions like MIT and Harvard. Additionally, she has MCed and given keynote speeches and presentations. 

Jyoti owns a Luxury eCommerce Business and has worked at Cartier, IBM, & KPMG Consulting. 

Jyoti has an MPA from Harvard, an MBA from MIT & a B.S. in Computer Science.

Jyoti is a parent of two kids. She started teaching public speaking based on her own experience, her passion for it and seeing the needs for her kids and other kids in her community. 

Here is Jyoti's story about transforming from a quiet girl to a confident keynote speaker...

I never used to be a public speaker. In fact, I was the shyest child in my class growing up.  A parent's worst nightmare is when a child never raised their hand in class, and I was that nightmare! The only time I ever spoke in class was when my teacher called upon me to answer a question.

However, something changed drastically in the fourth grade. I moved to a new city and school. I was in a completely new environment with new classmates, new teachers, and no friends. 

One day this all changed.  The principal of my new school came to my class and asked a few students to stand up and read dialogues as an audition for the school play. The principal selected a few students at random. I was one of the students she asked to come up and audition. I was in shock!  I froze ...I thought to myself - I don’t speak in front of groups, I am shy! She called my name again, and I hesitantly got up from my seat and was given the dialogs. As you can imagine, I was very nervous. I was trembling inside but trying my best to not show that fear on the outside. I had never spoken in front of an entire classroom full of kids, a teacher, and the principal. 

I opened my mouth and, as I was about to read the dialogue in a monotonous tone, I reminded myself to just speak loudly and clearly. I did not know what public speaking was. I did not know anything about expression, or intonation, or pitching, or voice control, or gestures. All I did was speak loudly and clearly. Surprisingly, I ended up getting the third most important role in the play that year. 

And that, my friends, was the beginning of me speaking in front of people! In fifth grade, I got picked for the lead role in the school play and, over the following years in middle school, high school, college, and as a professional, I have done many speeches, talks, debate competitions, presentations, keynote speeches, and CEO interviews.

The reason why I am sharing my story with you is that if a very shy, quiet, hesitant, not-so-confident child like me could transform into a confident public speaker, YOU can too! And so can anybody who wants to do it. Public speaking is a skill that can easily be developed. You don’t need to be born with it; in fact, many good public speakers are not born with it. They develop it!

I sincerely thank my principal for forcing me to speak in front of my class against my own will. Had it not been for her encouraging me to go outside my comfort zone, who knows if I would still be that shy, not-so-confident person today.

Sometimes we all need that push to get out of our comfort zone. It is only when we are challenged that we learn new things. I invite you, and lovingly challenge you, to join me on this journey to become the best public speaker you can be!

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