• What are the specific skills I will gain from this course?

    You’ll learn why public speaking is important and how to speak with conviction. You’ll also learn techniques to combat nervousness, and overall, you’ll learn how to live more confidently and talk more powerfully, even when in small groups! Weekly assignments, Zoom calls, and module videos will help you achieve your public speaking goals.

  • How will Zoom meetings work logistically?

    Zoom calls will happen at a specific time once a week for the duration of the course. You will have the opportunity to choose the time that works best with your schedule. We will send you a login ID via email, and once you’re logged on, you will be able to see your group members and instructor.

  • I am not very tech savvy - how will I figure out Zoom?

    It’s easy! Once you enroll in the course, we’ll provide more details, and your login ID will be sent directly to your email – you won’t have to do anything too techy!

  • I don't have an internet connection - how will I do the videos and Zoom?

    You will need an internet connection in order to join Zoom calls and watch videos. If you do not have access to the internet in your own home, no worries! These calls can take place anywhere with internet access so just go on over to your favorite coffee shop, etc. with access to the internet!

  • What is the time commitment of this course?

    There will be one-hour Zoom calls weekly. Module videos will be roughly 15-30 minutes each. Worksheets/speech work will take at least a half an hour based on the amount of research needed and your writing abilities.

  • How long will the assignments take to complete?

    There are no “real” assignments, and you do not have to submit anything to us. But remember, what you put into this course is what you get out of this course!

  • How long are the videos for each module?

    15-30 minutes.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    We accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal.

  • How long is the course active after I make my purchase?

    The course is 10 weeks long, and it will remain active for 2 months once you’ve completed it.

  • If I don’t complete parts of the course, can I come back to it later?

    Yes, however, we suggest you have the modules completed before the Zoom calls.

  • How long does the course take?

    10 weeks.

  • When will the Zoom video sessions be?

    Once you’ve enrolled, we’ll let you know specific times and dates your group will meet. This will also be based on student's availabilities.

  • Can I move my group if the timing doesn’t work out?

    If there is a problem, please reach out to us and we will try to work something out to the best of our abilities.

  • What's the return policy?

    If you are not satisfied after module 1, please let us know. However, you must show us all your work and time you’ve put into the course.

  • When are the FB lives?

    Facebook lives will be Sunday, July 21st at 12pm EST as well as Sunday, August 4th 12pm EST.

  • When do I get the bonus trainings?

    You get the bonus training after you have completed the entire course.

  • Do I receive all the videos at the same time?

    You will receive the videos weekly, as they are a part of the weekly modules.

  • Do I have to turn in my homework or assignments?

    No, you are not required to.

  • If I have questions, who do I contact?


  • What if I don't like the course?

    You’ll get what you put into it! We’ve designed the course based on our knowledge and life experiences. And remember, you can return it by June 15th, after you complete module 1 and show us your work.

  • How many times can I view the videos?

    As many times as you would like, from the start of the course until two months after.

  • If I miss the FB live will there be a recording?

    Yes, there will be.

  • Who will be in my Zoom group?

    Groups will be created based on times that work for you, age, and experience. There will be a combination of elementary students, middle school students, high school students, college students, and adults in each group.